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Divi Builder 2.25.4 – Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder

Download Divi Builder 2.25.4 – Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder


The Divi Builder gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting layout possibilities. Create stunning landing pages that capture your visitors, and build story-driven blog posts that capture your visitor’s imagination. With Divi, you have 3 section types, 20-row types, and over 40 content modules in your toolbox. In addition, the builder allows you to fully customize each element using the Divi Builder’s advanced design settings.


  • There’s A Module For That!
    Adding content to your page is a breeze with Divi’s large collection of builder modules. You can even use the custom Code Module if you feel like integrating third-party plugins. Whatever you are trying to build, the Divi Builder has a module that can help make your vision a reality.
  • Simple Configuration Options
    Configuring your Divi Builder modules is simple. Building layouts require absolutely no coding experience thanks to our wide range of configuration controls.
  • Customize Absolutely Everything
    The Divi Builder’s Advanced Design settings give you full control over every aspect of your layout’s design. Modify colors, spacing, and typography with just a few clicks. No coding is required and within a few minutes, you can create a unique design that matches your own unique style.
  • Add Custom CSS
    Custom CSS is supported too, and you can easily apply custom styles to individual parts of individual modules. If you want to get your hands dirty and dig in with some customizations, the Divi Builder won’t hold you back.
  • Create Advanced Columns Structures In Seconds
    Say goodbye to boring single column blog posts. Columns can be created and combined to create all kinds of creative layouts, and you can quickly adjust a row’s column structure with a couple of clicks.
  • Duplicate Any Element With a Single Click
    Lots of times layouts have similar elements across the page. Any element on the page can be instantly duplicated (or copied and pasted), saving you a ton of development time.
  • Disable an Item To Hide It On the FrontEnd
    Have an element within your layout that you don’t want to display on the front-end, such as a seasonal promo banner or temporary notice? You can simply disable it instead of deleting and having to rebuild it down the road. This is also a great feature to use while developing and testing new content.
  • Lock an Item To Disable Its Editing Functions
    Often times you want to make sure that certain elements do not get modified by your clients or even by you. Website Administrators can lock any section, row, or module, disabling its editing functions.
  • Copy & Paste Items Within Layouts Or Even Onto Other Pages!
    No software application would be complete without Copy and Paste, and with the Divi Builder you can even copy items from one page to another.
  • Collapse Builder Chunks For a More Concise View of Your Content
    Create a more organized high-level view of your layout by collapsing section or rows within your layout. If you have a section that takes up a lot of vertical space on a screen or has a chunk of content that doesn’t get updated often, you can collapse it so that it takes up less room in the builder.
  • Unlimited Undos and Redos
    Oops! Need to undo an action? No problem, the Divi Builder saves a number of actions so that you can undo or redo moves, edits, clones, and more. Every action you take is logged, and you can even travel backward and forwards in time to any saved history state!
  • Section and Row Vertical Spacing
    Using the Divi Builder, it’s easier than ever to control the spacing between objects on your page. Divi spares no expense when it comes to it’s a wide breadth of layout options.
  • Horizontal Column Spacing
    Give your content room to breath with the Divi Builder’s vertical spacing controls. Now it’s easier than ever to create a sense of rhythm and harmony through your page content.
  • Custom Padding and Margin
    Not only can you control site-wide or section-wide spacing, each individual element can also be modified to create unique layouts based on the unique characteristics of the images and typography you are working with.
  • Row and Column Widths
    The Divi Builder also gives you full control over the width of your content, giving you the ability to create beautiful full-width pages that look amazing on large modern screens.


Compatible with: Divi
Software: WordPress 4.6 – above


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version 3.25.4 ( updated 07-03-2019 )
- Fixed the Visual Builder re-loading after opening a settings modal quickly after the builder loaded.
- Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured when using CPT Layout Injector plugins.
- Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured when using different language settings for WordPress and user.
- Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured once after rolling back to an older Divi version.
- Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured while Divi Safe Mode was active.
- Fixed Visual Builder double loading issue that occured on some servers that added extra white spaces to builder definitions.
- Fixed Border Options controls mobile and hover icons disappearing.
- Fixed a bug in the Classic Divi Builder that caused module setting migrations to not be performed when importing layouts using the Divi Library and Portability features.
- Further reduced PHP memory usage.
- Fixed an error when Backend Visual Builder was used with WP versions prior 5.0.
- In some cases after using settings modal select control, the select did not lose it's hover state even after cursor hovered over another option.
- Added Slider Content Width and Content Max Width options.
- Updated Deutsch translations from the community.
- Prevent draggable padding getting hidden while dragging and holding shift key.
- Fixed module Parallax Background conflict with module overflow options.
- Fixed list style type, list style position, list style item indent, blockquote border weight, and blockquote border color not being rendered on the FE.
- Fixed Add New Column functionality when adding modules with Insert Module Quick Action.
- Fixed undefined content error that causes VB to not be able to paste module after deleting the last module on the column.
- Fixed border styles not working on Fullwidth Header Image element.
- Fixed background color when it was set as initial on incorrect condition by removing duplicated background image properties when background image and gradient are activated at the same time.
- Fixed section add row button spacing.
- Fixed button custom padding not working on various modules when the custom icon is disabled.
- Improved mouse cursor appearance when moving over Locked Module content.
- Fixed undefined variable when processing background image on button element.
- Fixed issue with Blurb module text center alignment on tablet and phone.
- Fixed javascript warning when grid mode is enabled.
- Fixed Module Alignment control not working.
- Updated Deutsch translations from the community.
- Fixed button options styles not being rendered on Theme Customizer.
- Fixed background image not being displayed when setting background color on theme customizer on button element.
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