WP Staging Pro 2.8.4 – WordPress Plugin

WP Staging Pro

Download WP Staging Pro 2.8.4 – WordPress Plugin


This duplicator plugin allows you to create an staging or development environment in seconds*

It creates a clone of your website into a subfolder of your main WordPress installation including an entire copy of your database.

This sounds pretty simple and yes it is! All the hard time-consumptive database and file copying stuff including URL replacements is done in the background. The plugin even automatically does an entire search & replace of all links.

I created this plugin because all other solutions are way too complex, overloaded with dozens of options or having server requirements which are not available on most shared hosting solutions.

All these reasons prevent user from testing new plugins and updates first before installing them on their live website, so its time to release a plugin which has the potential to be merged into everyone´s wordpress workflow.

WP Staging Pro Features

  • Cloning – Create a clone of your website with a simple click
  • Push Changes – Copy Database, Plugins, Themes & Media files from Staging to Live site
  • Authentication – Staging Site is available to authenticated users only
  • High Performance – Cloning process does not slow down your website
  • Secure – Staging site resides on your server. No data is submitted to 3rd parties
  • Multisites – Clone and push WordPress Multisite, (main site & sub sites)


Software VersionWordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x,


Buy: https://wp-staging.com/
File: Server 1Server 2


* New: Increase the cloning/pushing speed by benchmarking and automatic tuning the maximum possible performance settings
* New: Better warning notices before updating process is executed
* Fix: Prevent wordfence firewall rule interrupting the clone deletion method
* Fix: Excluded wp staging directory from deleting process is ignored and will be deleted either way