Why do cars need insurance?

The most common, damage to vehicles can be caused by human error such as lazy to service vehicles regularly which makes the risk of engine damage faster. In addition, accidents are also a major factor why the car will be damaged. For this reason, why Cars need insurance.


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By buying motorized vehicle insurance, we can reduce the risk that will occur and cannot be covered. Such as the risk of damage to vehicle units, personal accidents and loss and demands of third parties.

By buying vehicle insurance, you can take advantage of the insurance claims that you have purchased to deal with these risks, according to your agreement with the insurance company.

As a developing country, in Indonesia many insurance companies have both health insurance, old age, education, and vehicles and travel. This is what sometimes makes people confused to choose the recommended insurance.

In Indonesia, a lot of life insurance is good for you to choose, but not much for travel insurance and vehicles. Especially for those of you who are looking for vehicle insurance or travel insurance, I will recommend one of the best Vehicle and Travel Insurance in Indonesia.

Vehicle Insurance products from MSIG managed by PT. MSIG Indonesia insurance is one of the recommendations and is the best in its service. This MSIG vehicle insurance has served thousands of private vehicle owners such as jeeps, sedans and minibuses.

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